A Historic Day: A great day to start something new

A Historic Day: A great day to start something new


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Hello and welcome!

I'm Dave.

I will always remember the day I started this blog. And that day is today! It is a historic day. I have never been obsessed with politics, but it has been impossible to avoid noticing for the last 4 years. Today brings the inauguration of a new President of the United States and a call for unity.

Our new President and VP bring with them beliefs of acceptance, tolerance, and a belief in science. I feel a majority of the dev community welcomes this. I know I do. Ok, enough about politics! I just wanted to acknowledge this is a historic day.

This blog will be about two of the things I love: code and education.

I'm a full-time developer working in a remote position. My title is actually Solutions Architect, and I do get into Dev Ops when needed. Most of the time I'm developing applications that solve internal company needs. I do, when asked, provide consultation on the public website for my company, but it is not my focus. We have scientists taking measurments in the field, and my main focus is building tools that help their workflow.

Prior to my current position, I was a full-time instructor at Fort Hays State University in the Department of Informatics. My instructional topics there consisted of web development and entrepreneurship courses. After settling into my new position, I returned to FHSU as part-time online adjunct faculty for web development.

In addition to the positions above, I am a part-time PhD student in Information Systems at Dakota State University. This will continue to keep me busy for at least a couple more years if not more. I began this journey with a desire to return to a college campus upon degree completion. I may still do that, but I do believe the educational landscape is changing. I am also interested in reaching students by all available means including YouTube, Twitter, and blog posts.

YouTube: @davegrayteachescode

Twitter: @yesdavidgray

LinkedIn: /in/davidagray

Reddit: /user/DaveOnEleven

Thank you for joining me on this journey. It's a new day!