FIX: Git Bash is Slow and has Strange Random Characters in VS Code

FIX: Git Bash is Slow and has Strange Random Characters in VS Code


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TLDR: If you're using git bash in VS Code and notice it slows down and/or starts printing random characters, here's how to fix it.

The Problem

After a recent VS Code update, I noticed git bash really slowed down.

Sometimes it even output random weird characters like the ones you see in my terminal window below.

git bash with strange characters

How to Fix It (for now)

Press Ctrl+, or click the cog icon in the bottom left of VS Code to open Settings.

Use the search bar and search for terminal integrated shell.

The setting for Terminal > Integrated > Shell Integration > Enabled should show up.

Uncheck the box for this setting.

If you don't find that setting, you can open the JSON settings file and add this line: "terminal.integrated.shellIntegration.enabled": false,

Check Back

This seems to be a bug after a recent VS Code update. I don't think this setting provides anything I will miss, but if you do, you may want to check back and re-enable this in the future.

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