What is the Yandex Verification meta tag?


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If you look at the metadata in websites, you may see a meta tag with the name yandex-verification. Here's what it means.

What is Yandex?

According to Wikipedia, Yandex is a Russia based company that owns Yandex Search. The meta tag yandex-verification refers to Yandex Search.

What does yandex-verification do?

yandex-verification is much like google-site-verification. yandex-verification confirms you are the webmaster of your website for Yandex Search.

How can I add yandex-verfication to my website?

Yandex provides webmaster tools. These tools help you add your site and receive your verification code. You then place the code in the yandex-verification meta tag for confirmation.

How to Add yandex-verification with Next.js

To add the yandex-verification meta tag in Next.js, add the following to the metadata object in your root layout.tsx file:

// app/layout.tsx
import type { Metadata } from 'next'

// rest of layout.tsx file here...

export const metadata: Metadata = {
    // rest of metadata object here... 
    verification: {

Don't worry if you haven't added a google-site-verification code to your website. You can learn how by reading my How to Submit Your Sitemap article.

The Result

You should now have a yandex-verification meta tag inside the <head> section of your website.

Here's the meta tag from my website:

<meta name="yandex-verification" content="YOUR-VERIFICATION-CODE-PROVIDED-BY-YANDEX">

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